Andre 3000 has lost the confidence to make new music: Internet reminds him that he is a legend


At a time when something as simple as a catchy rhythm can turn you into a star overnight, music veterans (especially hip-hop) are having difficulty making music that is true to themselves or choosing Go with what is popular. In a recent interview, Andre 3000 revealed that he has lost confidence in making new music.

Half of the iconic Outkast group chatted with Rick Rubin on the Broken Record podcast, where he was extremely transparent.

‘My focus is not there. My trust is not there. It has not motivated me to do a serious project. I would like to, but it just doesn't come. In my own being, I am trying to figure out where I feel. I don't even know what I am and maybe I am nothing. Maybe it's not supposed to be anything, "the artist began.

He went on to say: "I am trying to find out what makes me feel better right now, and what makes me feel better is when I do this kind of random instrumental stuff. They make me feel the most rebellious."

The musician also explained that, these days, people criticize everything he publishes and that affects his creative process.

When the interview went viral, social media users reminded Andre that he is a legend and punished this generation that does not respect the people who paved the way for their favorite artists.

"And without,quot; confidence "I would probably release the album of the year, so I can't imagine the album he has full confidence in," wrote one fan.

"At this point, I would honestly prefer to have music that Andre doesn't trust, instead of almost everything that comes out today," added another.

This fan commented on today's weather: ‘goats doubt themselves as rappers mutter here believing they make good music and call themselves the best. "


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