A viral video circulates about a man who seems to be trying to kidnap a woman on a New York train


Roommates, a video is going viral of a man who seems to be trying to kidnap a young woman on the train. The whole situation is strange and the Internet not only found the alleged suspect, but it also seems that street justice was SERVED!

We don't have many details about the events that led to the alleged failed kidnapping, so this is what we know! In the viral video below, you can clearly see a man who uses all red to hit the girl's foot to get her attention, while leaning down to try to talk to her, lower the cup and out of nowhere grabs the girl and Try to get her off the train.

In the video you can hear the young woman scream for help and walk back to the train where she was sitting before. She immediately awakens the man she was with to get her attention while the man dressed in red sits at the train stop and waits … who knows what. Watch the video below:

All this is scary to see! Naturally, when the Internet gets a video like this, it took only a few hours for the man who was shown to receive that treatment in New York! Apparently, some local found out what supposedly fell and put into action. Now, we do not tolerate violence. Let's make it very clear. However, I cannot say the same about men in this video.

Shortly after that, it seems that the man who was beaten was also photographed in the handcuffed hospital. Click here for that photo. Obviously, New Yorkers and the more specific inhabitants of the Bronx DO NOT PLAY. We will definitely make sure to keep you up to date on what will happen next!