Wendy Williams emerges from her year of hell looking fabulous in new photos in Miami while turning the page of Kevin Hunter Sr and Sharina Hudson


Wendy Williams, 55, looks more than dazzling in a series of photos she shared during the Christmas holidays while enjoying with her family in Miami, Florida.

In a recent episode of her BET show, Wendy, who was very honest and raw, said she spent a year in hell after filing for the divorce of her future ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Sr, 46, who had an affair and He fathered a son with his supposed lover, Sharina Hudson, 33.

One's mother delighted her fans with some photos that showed her beautiful hair and her sense of fashion.

She captioned a photo: "Thank you Miami, but I can't wait to get home! I have a lot to do the program and my routine. The family is great but it's good. Goodbye! I'm in the room trying to find out who has the best food for the soul for New Year's Day In my culture, certain foods in ESE day represent health and money Do you know this 19th century tradition?

A fan said this: "Wishing you and your family good wishes and an incredible vacation while in South Florida."

Another person said: "So, Aunt, are you going out and say you're dating boof? Wendy is always more than enough! I hope you're enjoying your vacation in our great state!"

This sponsor wrote: "How are you?" Happy Holidays! It looks so pretty MS Wendy💙💙😊😊.

This follower revealed: “Wow, the black and white photos fit you perfectly! You are beautiful!!!! I like that particular wig, Wendy.

An informant spoke with Hollywood life and said this about Wendy's new life: "Wendy is having an amazing time in Miami, and she feels that it is very good for her soul to be surrounded by family during this holiday season." Wendy is such a strong and independent woman and loves her freedom since she separated from Kevin Sr. "

The source continued: “But at the same time, having all the love and support of his great family has made a difference in the world. Wendy feels very grateful and blessed to see them when she cares, but having them around this Christmas made it especially memorable for her. "


Wendy seems anxious to enter 2020 and do great things. Will the divorce end soon?

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