Toya Wright's wedding plan announcement is derailed by a woman who made wild accusations against Robert Rushing


Apparently, not everyone is happy that Toya Johnson, recently known as Toya Wright, has decided to marry Robert Rushing.

The author and reality TV star announced a few weeks ago that Robert, her baby's father, Reign Rushing, had proposed. Reginae Carter's mother said yes, and since then, she has been planning her wedding.

Tiny Harris' old friend posted a before and after photo explaining her plans to keep losing pounds for her wedding.

A fan became furious and explained all the reasons why she should not marry Robert.

The person revealed: "Please do not marry red, honestly, if you look at some things, it seems that he only wants her for fame and the platform that I love too much for that."

This follower defended Robert: "I'm sure he is moving differently this time so he doesn't make the same mistake you see that it took him a while before he said yes to marry him because of his past experiences." I believe after what had already happened, and I don't think I would have finally said yes if I still had doubts. "

Another commenter revealed: "I'm sure he took his time with this for a reason. I remember saying something like he wanted to be sure because he didn't want to make the same mistakes. Trust him she knows what she's doing and wish her well. And error or not, it won't affect your life a bit!

A follower explained: "You sound like an enemy, it is his life, not yours keeps negative comments for yourself and the red one has a career also just because he was not in the spotlight does not mean he is not running his business .. She is happy that she the daughters are very happy to let them live … They are people like you who pursue the influence … She lived, and learned that I am pretty sure she will not make the same mistakes … Maybe if you care about the business that pays you … send positive feedback if you "love,quot; it so much. "


Toya seems to be very happy and will probably ignore what critics have to say about their marriage and the future with Robert.

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