NFL Week 17 weather updates: rain could affect fantasy startup decisions


The NFL Week 17 weather forecast seems to be rainy, but before entering individual games that might be affected by the weather, I want to briefly discuss the difference between a rain forecast and a wind forecast and How should you manage your expectations (and your fantasy football team) for both.

When I make a wind forecast a few days before the event, I feel very confident that the forecast will verify. This is because the wind impacts an area in a relatively uniform way. That is, the stadium will see the same general wind as the rest of the city. Because winds are such a reliable weather variable, I think it is actionable to watch a strong wind game a few days and adjust the alignments accordingly (that is, sit QBs / WRs / Ks in strong wind games).

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Rain, unfortunately, is the opposite of reliable. The problem is not so much being 100% wrong (although that may happen); is that rain is not a uniformly distributed climatic variable. You can watch a game that plays dry while pouring for three hours right across the street, or you can watch a dry game that has an 80 percent chance of rain. It is very difficult to determine the rain at a specific place and time until it almost happens. . For that reason, I always recommend waiting until Sunday morning to make alignment decisions based on the rain (I post updates on Twitter @KevinRothWx) "It looks like a rain game,quot; on Friday can easily become "Rain will be after the game,quot; on Sunday.

Before breaking down the Week 17 forecast, here is a reminder that if you have any questions about the sports climate or how the weather could affect the game (and, potentially, your fantasy, DFS and game decisions), feel free to communicate with Twitter @KevinRothWx or check our hourly NFL weather forecasts at RotoGrinders. To take your game to the next level, subscribe to the exclusive RotoGrinders WeatherEdge tool and see how different weather conditions have impacted the historical score.

NFL Week 17 weather updates

Browns @ Bengals. This is the only game in which I feel safer when watching rain: high rain cover and impressive rain intensity at times (more than just a light rain). I think it is fair to consider leaning a little more towards a heavy play script, so it would make a leap to runners and defenders.

Saints @ Panthers | Jets @ Bills | Eagles @ Giants | Steelers @ Ravens. This is where the initial paragraph really comes into play. The four games have a good chance of rain, but the truth is that I will not know the extent of the rain until Sunday morning, when I can open the radar and analyze each situation. My current feeling would be not to make any move on the list in these games yet, but be sure to check the latest updates on Twitter on Sunday morning. If only showers seem to happen, play ball! But if it seems that one or more of these games can be a true downpour, then consider pivoting.

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As always, all forecasts are subject to change before the start. Can you follow me on twitter (@KevinRothWx), check the NFL automated hourly weather forecasts in RotoGrinders, or check WeatherEdge for updates. We've also added automated Weather Football College for those NCAA soccer fans looking for a small view of the weather for bowl games.