Joe Giudice says he will let go 2019 and promises his daughters "The best of me in 2020,quot;


Royal Housewives of New Jersey The star Joe Giudice has had a 2019 full of events full of ups and downs. And now, you are ready to leave everything behind and start the new year.

Giudice started 2019 in a federal prison, ending the last months of his 41-month sentence for bankruptcy fraud. He was later transferred to an ICE detention center before being deported to his native Italy while awaiting the final decision on his deportation appeal.

Then, Joe separated from his wife Teresa Giudice after 20 years of marriage, but he was able to end the year with a happy note celebrating Christmas with his four daughters: Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14 and Audriana, 10)

Joe took Instagram this weekend to reflect on last year, while making a great promise for 2020. In the legend of a collage of photos of his family, the 47-year-old wrote: "I posted this message in the morning , but I choked and I lowered it, so I thought that part of the new growth is acceptance !!

He continued writing that he had reflected a lot over the past year, and now he knows how to be happy and happy with who he is and what he has: "food, bed, air, girls and family." Joe says he learned while he was locked up that all you have to do is love yourself and be the best.

"I'm letting go 2019 with my beautiful girls, but I promise you the BEST of ME IN 2020!" Joe wrote. "They make me proud in many ways and they are my treasures .❤️❤️❤️❤️ ps did not mean cutting my baby, yet learning will come on time. 😐"

After the separation of Joe and Teresa, a source told him Tonight entertainment that she has been living the life of a single mother for the past four years while Joe was in prison. She has dedicated herself to her children and her career.

The source said that Teresa had known for a while that things were not going to work with her and Joe because they had gone through too much to start over. And it is "ready for a new beginning in 2020,quot;.

Joe has been posting a storm over the weekend and sharing numerous old-school photos of his wife and daughters. He said 2019 got him "all kinds of 😢" but he is ready for an exciting trip in 2020. Joe said it was the best week of his life to spend the holidays with his daughters.

Joe Giudice added that he cannot change his destiny overnight, but he can change his address. And, all you need is a plan, a road map and the courage to move on. And he is willing to change for his girls.


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