Jenna Dewan says she's bringing Romance Old School Romance back in her new show Flirty Dancing


Jenna Dewan will present Fox's new reality show Flirty dance, and the 39-year-old is pleased to show viewers how easy it is to fall in love when you connect with someone through the art of dance. Dewan's new program is based on the original version of the United Kingdom, and she says she is taking the "old school romance,quot; to modern dating.

Flirty dance follow a group of strangers who are individually taught half of a couple's dance routine. Then, when the two people meet for the first time on a blind date, they don't speak. Instead, they simply perform the dance routine they learned.

Dewan, who is a lifelong dancer, said recently Tonight entertainment that the new series is "absolutely amazing,quot;.

"It's such a fun and cool show that I'm filming and I'm having the best time to do it," said Dewan. “I saw the UK version and fell in love. I was literally crying in the first episode I saw. "

Dewan explained that the program is incredibly fun because it forces two people to use only movement and eye contact to connect, and this allows them to "really give up chemistry." She says you have to drop all your walls immediately to connect. And, as an experienced dancer, Dewan says it's easy to know when there is chemistry and when there isn't.

Despite all her dance experience, the Increase Star says he has never danced with someone he has not rehearsed. But, she had an initial meeting with someone and then, when dancing with them for the first time, she felt "something."

She explained that there is something about when you let go and you don't use your words. When they move with each other's bodies, Dewan says that a different type of connection can be established.

What is beautiful about Flirty dance, says Dewan, is that it returns things to the basics because we all need connection and love. He added that the people on the show are looking for love, and when the sparks fly during their dances, she gets super emotional.

Jenna Dewan is currently going through a nasty custody battle with her ex-husband Channing Tatum for her six-year-old daughter Everly. However, she has found a new love with Steve Kazee, and they expect their first child together.


Flirty dance premieres on Fox on Sunday, December 29. And it will go to its regular time period starting Wednesday, January 1.

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