Jada Pinkett Smith laments the relationship that her husband, Will Smith, has with her daughter


Jada Pinkett Smith praises the relationship she never had. She is excited about her husband, Will Smith, and her daughter Willow Smith's relationship. Check out his post below.

"That dad / daughter love I never had … but it makes my heart smile that Willow does." Jada captioned his post.

Someone said, "That's beautiful! When you appreciate her @jadapinkettsmith, you can also live in it," and another follower wrote: "Oh, my dear, this healing journey is a good walk. I'm happy for Willow. Happy for everyone. our girls who have a solid father. "

One commenter said: "I didn't have it either, but my daughters did, and that cycle is broken," and someone else posted this: "I didn't have it either, but I hope to see my children with his father. & # 39;

Another fan wrote: "A special bond thanks 4 for being an example of an inspiring father," and a follower said: "My daughter doesn't have it either, but our bond is beautiful and this image is beautiful."

Another follower wrote: ‘This is exactly how I feel every time I look at my daughter and my husband. So grateful to be able to experience what every girl deserves. 🙏🏽❤️ ’and one commenter said:‘ I think this is the first photo I've seen so it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. ❤️ ’

Someone else posted this: ‘You cannot choose the family they give you, but you can choose how to raise the children you give to this world. Much love and respect towards you and Will for cultivating a family so pure, strong and loving that it inspires everyone else. "


Jada recently praised Jordyn Woods after his last achievement. I couldn't be more proud of Kylie Jenner's former best friend.

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