Fans are worried about Amanda Bynes's recovery


Amanda Bynes fans are worried about her recovery after reports appeared that said she had left the sober life center where she was being treated for addiction and stress management. Amanda has struggled a lot with her emotional health and well-being and her fans were excited when they heard that she was studying at the Institute of Fashion Design and Merchandise. Soon, Life & Style reported that Amanda had left fashion school and her fans were incredibly worried about the 33-year-old actress.

A former child actress, Amanda Bynes became a family name when she starred in television shows such as Amanda's show Y Everything that. There has been a great deal of scrutiny around Amanda Bynes since the first reports emerged that the actress had suffered an emotional breakdown.

The fear a father feels when his son is lost or in danger is overwhelming. It doesn't matter if that child is 3, 13, 0 or 33 years old. Fans also worried when reports suggested that Amanda was missing. Now, Life & Style spoke with an anonymous source who stated that Amanda is safe and lives with her parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes.

You can watch a video of Amanda Bynes when she was a child actress in The Amanda Show in the video player below.

The source spoke with Life & Style and issued a statement about Amanda's welfare. The source stated the following.

“Amanda was never locked up. He is free to live his life and at this stage of his recovery, he must be trusted. Amanda has the tools to deal with, she just needs to use them. It also needs people not to judge it in every movement. "

Since fans have been extremely worried about Amanda, the news that she had returned home and lived safely with her parents has offered many of her fans the assurance that she is on the right track.

Overcoming substance abuse or other addictions is never easy and sometimes the most difficult things to break are bad habits, a pattern of destructive behavior and negativity.


The news that Amanda has returned home and is being treated has encouraged her fans that they just want to see Amanda Bynes living the best life possible and enjoying good spiritual, physical and emotional health.

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