Toya Johnson gets his body in the perfect way for the wedding with Robert Rushing: fans debate the man he decided to marry


Toya Johnson is preparing for her wedding with Robert Rushing, and wants to be in perfect condition for the big event. She told her fans what her secret is to be taken away, and people can't stop praising her.

‘I think I'm going to be,quot; right "sooner than I thought for my wedding! Thanks to @bodycompleterx for the help! Also, I'm making your monthly challenges starting next month, so that will keep me focused! Who else received your kit and is doing this with me? Let me know that I will stay connected with all of you because I want one of my followers to win this challenge! Who is inside?!? Toya subtitled his post.

Someone said: & # 39; I am ready to see how beautiful the wedding will be and you, congratulations on the toy you deserve it & # 39 ;, and a follower posted this: & # 39; You have two beautiful daughters and you may not a third marriage suits you. . & # 39;

When someone told Toya not to marry Red, a fan replied: ‘bruh, she has a son with this man. Why don't you marry him? She went through two failed marriages, the sister will be fine. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It seems he loves her and doesn't even want fame. But he risks everything for her. That's love. We all have our reservations about him, but this is his man and he has not shown us different. We do not know what he does for her behind closed doors, and that is the beauty of their relationship. They keep us out. She happy, we happy. "

Another follower also defended Toya's relationship: "You definitely look like a fan who really cares … But, Toya is an adult woman and her choices are HER choices. We see a glimpse of her life only on television and social networks. We don't know them and we don't know them, nor do we know how they treat each other in real life. They seem really happy and as a fan who loves her so much, you should respect that. "


As you noted, Toya Wright is now Toya Johnson once again. She changed her name IG and made this announcement for her fans and followers through Twitter.

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