Teddi Mellencamp wants you to help her name her third addition to the family!


Naming your offspring is not easy! That said, Teddi Mellencamp would love to receive help from his followers when it comes to choosing the perfect name for his baby!

As fans know, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is currently waiting and doesn't have much time to choose a nickname.

Fortunately, he has managed to reduce it to four, but, of course, he only needs one!

That's where your fans come in! Teddi turned to social networks to reveal the four options and ask people to vote for the one they like the most!

Next to a photo showing her belly, the mother shared that she and her husband Edwin Arroyave could not decide between Presley, Shay, Selena and Dove for their third child together.

‘Sound with your favorite and why! We are a divided house. 💕👶, ’she wrote.

The two are also parents of another daughter named Slate, who is 7 years old and a son, Cruz, 5.

As for Arroyave, he also had another daughter with an ex, Isabella, 11.

The happy news they were waiting for again was shared in September.

Later that same month, they also revealed the genre during a party.

Teddi, of course, documented the great revelation and shared it on social media, writing next to the post: "It's a girl! Of course, we would have been equally excited in any way, since @tedwinator, the boys and I have the blessing of having a healthy baby regardless of gender. Although I promised Cruz that he could help her name her, so I'm not sure she is too excited to be called "Catboy,quot; Arroyave. 😜. '

So what is your favorite name for the girl not yet born?

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