Porsha Williams' daughter, Pilar Jhena has her first tooth coming out for Christmas and meets Santa Claus – Watch the video and photos


Porsha Williams has been flooding her social media account with several photos and videos this Christmas. Some of the most impressive images are those that show her girl, Pilar Jhena McKinley's first tooth coming out and the clip that shows the girl meeting Santa Claus.

‘Amazing why I feel your tooth is my Christmas present hahaha! My God, my baby has a tooth coming in! My baby grew up 😩❤️ I kept feeling her biting her harder and harder, so I felt like ouch and boom a little milk tooth 😢❤️🎉🎉 @pilarjhena * She has a small reaction on her cheeks with some fruit, now it's fine! # 9 months, "Porsha captioned the post that includes more photos of the baby PJ.

Tamar Braxton said: la Look at her! She is a gift again and again, my friend ❤️ ’

A fan posted this: "My God, it's adorable. I want to squeeze her cheeks and that smile and tooth is all that God blesses her. Absolutely adorable. & # 39;

‘HomeWithSanta 🎅🏿The things that moms do to get that smile lil 😂🤷🏾‍♀️Pj like mom, yes, yes … and Bales is like hurrying in uuuup 😩😂😂! 🎄 #SantaVisitsPj Coming soon: @sterlingpics Gorgeous Gowns of @adaaziza 🙌🏾🎄 # Teething9Months #BlackSanta ’, Porsha captioned a video in which PJ meets Santa Claus.

A follower posted this: ‘Screaming! It was me and my girl didn't care a bit. Looking sideways at me, the photographer and Santa! "

Another commenter said: ‘Now @sterlingpics You know how to smile without making my girl @ porsha4real work so hard! Hahaha, I love you both!

Another commentator wrote: ‘It's very funny because your baby is looking at you like you're crazy! She is not upset and is very funny. You are always excited about your mom's moments as you should be your first child, but she is like what is wrong with these people! I love her hahaha. "


You should see more Christmas photos of Porsha because they are simply adorable.

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