Nicki Minaj seems to be living without paying rent in the heads of Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena that led to this new drama


Although Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are very much in love and excited about the arrival of their first child together, not everything has worked without problems for the happy couple, since recently the two celebrities were involved in an incident during their walk in the New York streets.

While Erica and Safaree walked casually, two girls approached them. They confused the identity of the reality television star because one of them shouted: "OMG Nicki Minaj,quot;, which angered the Love and Hip Hop: New York star and got Safaree to yell at the intruders.

The rapper allegedly felt it was disrespectful for the girls to say those things in front of his pregnant wife and reacted sharply to the provocation.

Meanwhile, an unknown man appeared and hurried to defend the two women, but a couple of bodyguards who accompanied her soon immobilized him.

According to a witness from the scene, the girls ’defender told the 38-year-old hip hop performer that it wasn’t the right way to talk to women before the celebrity guards attacked him unexpectedly, and attacked him. and supposedly tried to stab him.

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Dear daughter, I haven't met you yet, but I always dreamed about you. Once I had your brother, I knew that one day there would be a you. 💕 More frequently in life, no amount of good advice, rules or structure can teach you better than experience. That said, you will do what you will do (as I did), but it is my wish that perhaps these words help you save some pain, lessen the blow to what life brings you, keep you safe, give you more peace of mind and give you the courage to open your own path …………

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This fan had this reaction: "Why approach her and call her by the name of that woman when they are both in happy relationships? Everyone needs to learn to leave ppl tf alone."

One person said this: "I am confused !!! So she should be disrespected? Her name is Erica. Let some girl approach any of the females in these comments and call you Mans mans name and let me see how quiet they stay !!!!!! Corny asf !!!! ”

Another commenter shared: "Erica will have to live up to Nicki Minaj's gifts,quot;
Meanwhile, the queen is getting cold in her palace.

This social media user shared: “I always say that it is not good to come to the aid of people who only seek to start problems … that goes to friends and family if you are wrong, and now you are alone! "

At the moment, it is not clear who was the woman who called Erica by the name of her husband's ex-girlfriend or why she did it, but it seems that Safaree was also offended because his wife got confused with her ex.


Currently, neither Erica nor her man have commented on what happened.

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