KUWK: Tristan Thompson gets excited about the "incredible,quot; appearance of Khloe Kardashian and her daughter after sharing a matching golden look


Those who followed Kar-Jenner's Christmas party know that everyone looked glamorous in different colors appropriate for the holidays. That said, a couple of sisters also got their children to match them, including Khloe Kardashian!

She and her daughter, True, shook off the golden dresses at the party and now, Tristan Thompson, who has been trying her best to get her baby back, was surprised at how impressive her ex and her offspring looked.

The day after Christmas, Khloe took his platform to post some pictures of the party and it didn't take too long for his former basketball player to comment below.

Fans were definitely not very surprised to see him in that comments section since he has been firing his shot almost every time Kardashian posted something new to his account.

The click of the carousel that caught Tristan's attention showed the matching golden dresses of the mother and daughter duo and who can blame him for congratulating the two ladies?

After all, he was one of many who did it, since the comments section was soon flooded with positive messages from his followers.

"Mami and Tutu looked amazing," the man wrote, but not without also including a couple of heart emojis, one at the beginning and one at the end of his comment.

Tristan knew very well how good Khloe and his son looked, as he also attended the annual Kardashian holiday event.


At first, fans were surprised at the meeting, but a person with insider information shared with HollywoodLife that he was there "strictly as a father and enjoying all the entertainment and food, and that they were just chatting and letting go."

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