KUWK: Kim Kardashian shares photo of Baby Salmo with baby bottle from the north – Check it out!


Cute! Kim Kardashian turned to social media to share with her many followers a super adorable throwback photo that showed her firstborn, North, bottle feeding her younger brother, Salmo, the 7-month-old brother!

It seems that North is doing a great job as an older sister and that can only mean that she has matured and grown a lot, since she was not so kind and caring when her other brother, Saint, was still a baby.

But as time went by, it seems that her growth, along with raising Kim and Kanye, have helped the daughter to be a better older sister for all her siblings, including the new addition to the family.

The photo that the mother of four children shared shows that North is calm and attentive while feeding her little brother, which makes it obvious that she knows what she is doing!

He has definitely had some practice with Saint and Chicago!

In the caption, Kim wrote: ‘Step back when Salmo was so small. My baby Northie is very useful. How are my babies getting so big (crying emoji)? "

Fans couldn't help talking about the kids and the click, writing liars: ‘Lovely! And North's choker is FIRE. "/" My mother always says that the first daughters are very useful. I am a first daughter like North, she helped raise my four brothers. The north is a blessing to you and Kanye. "

Of course, there were also many heart emojis and ‘awww in the comments section, since the beautiful scene of the brothers captivated the people.

This comes after Kim revealed in a video that "for Christmas, Kanye and I gave North this jacket and this was the Michael Jackson jacket he wore with Elizabeth Taylor."


Obviously, North receives the best gifts for being such a good older sister.

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