Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson dazzle Bryan Hearns


Khloe Kardashian is a big fan of designer Bryan Hearns and has recently used several of her creations: a couture dress and a pantsuit. First, Khloe used Hearns when she went to Diddy's 50th birthday party. He was surprised with a crystal suit that shone with silver and gold specks. Khloe made a striking appearance and the photos of her wearing the outfit became viral. She opted for Bryan Hearns for the second time when she wore a beautiful golden asymmetrical dress for her family's Christmas Eve party. Bryan also made a matching dress for True Thompson, who was twinning with his mother. True looked adorable in her dress that combined with hiking boots.

The photos of Khloe and True in their matching dresses are receiving high praise, along with the Khloe suit he used for Diddy's.

Bryan Hearns shared a video and a photo of Khloe Kardashian in the crystal suit. Khloe combined the suit with the heels Jimmy Choo and celebrity stylist Dani Michelle is behind the beautiful outfit. Dani shared photos of Khloe wearing the suit on her Instagram account and wrote the sweet title: I think her heart shines brighter than this suit.

Khloe responded to Dani Michelle and said, "You killed this."

Ash K Holm did Khloe's makeup for both Diddy's birthday and Christmas Eve party. Khloe looked beautiful in both events.

Jesus Guerrero combed Khloe for Diddy's birthday. He opted for an ice cream, platinum bob that came just below the chin.

You can see a photo slideshow of Bryan Hearns that shows Khloe in his Bryan Hearns crystal suit below.

Khloe's hair looked more golden than silver at Christmas Eve, but it's not clear if she used a different shade or if it was a matter of lighting. Bryan Hearns designed Khloe and True's dresses and Khloe left a comment on Bryan's official Instagram account, praising him for his work and for putting everything together so quickly.

Bryan thanked Khloe Kardashian for the opportunity to create the dresses and Khloe stated the following.

“YOU KILLED this look in 4 days! Talk about a challenge hahaha.

You can see Khloe and True in their Bryan Hearns dresses below.

Here are some solo photos of Khloe with the beautiful dress.

What do you think of Bryan Hearns's designs?


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