Kenya Moore addresses accusations that ruined Cynthia Bailey's commitment


Kenya Moore spoke about the episode in which she was accused by the ladies of RHOA for ruining Cynthia Bailey's commitment. Watch the video below and what women have to say about what happened.

Kenya said she didn't want to ruin anything and was excited about everything.

The video sparked a massive debate in the comments, as you will see below.

Someone commented: ‘Look here what I know @kandi and @ cynthiabailey10 personally. I don't know Kenya, but in some situations, I usually see her point, but this seems to be a lil her esp, since she said "I knew,quot; or "felt,quot; that I was going to propose. Yum no sis Kandi I told you before too. So I ion on her! 🤷🏽‍♂️ ’

Another follower said: ‘She was completely wrong PERIOD blank. She has to worry that her husband likes MEN 👀 ’

Another follower published: "Crazy Kenya because her OWN marriage didn't work and her husband doesn't love her!"

Someone else said, "Girl, you did … you felt envious, especially because Mark gave you a mediocre proposal (I really don't want to do this)."

Another person wrote: "She just has to end this season and never come back, that's what I think."

Another follower posted: "I like why people think you have to tell them,quot; don't say anything "to keep their mouths shut."

Someone else said: ‘She intentionally ruined it, and before Kenya entered for lunch, Cynthia was about to express that she was upset about it. She constantly tries to get in the way of other people's happiness because she is so bitter. "

In other more serious news, Kenya surprised fans when she shared the images with an accident that occurred near her home.


A car overturned his mailbox and Kenya could have dated Brooklyn Daly when this happened.

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