It's us: does the new photo of the next episode show that Toby and Kate's relationship is in trouble?


We are He left fans with many questions after his season 4 ended in winter last month. And, one of the biggest questions surrounds the relationship of Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz), after the couple began to separate when Kate gave birth to her son Jack, and Toby began losing weight when she joined to your local CrossFit gym.

At the end of the most recent episode "So Long, Marianne," which seems to air a decade ago (it was actually November 19), Kate accidentally saw a text message on Toby's phone indicating that she had been repairing her problems with Kate. to her friends CrossFit instead of talking to her. And, to make matters worse, Toby seemed to be talking to a woman.

"Don't let her depress you. Here for you," the message said.

There really is no doubt that Toby is in love with Kate, but what worries fans is that the couple seems to be going different ways. Toby is going through a major lifestyle transformation now that she has found CrossFit, while Kate continues to struggle with the weight while she is the mother of a child with special needs.

Toby seems to be putting his focus and energy on his weight loss while ignoring his relationship with Kate. And, their problems with intimacy have already been highlighted, as can often be the case with first-time parents. But, it doesn't seem like the couple is dealing with their problems together, and Toby and Kate seem to be drifting.

Kate confessed to Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) that she couldn't stand the Toby CrossFit, and Toby was angry that Kate lied about Jack's first solid meal. But, Kate can't be honest with Toby about her feelings.

In a new photo that NBC released from the next episode "Light & Shadows,quot;, it seems that Toby and Kate are having a sincere seriousness about the state of their relationship, while a full suitcase sits on the floor next to them.

Does this conversation have to do with the text message Kate saw on Toby's phone? Are you begging him to give you another chance? Or are you telling him he needs time out?

It is unclear at what point in the timeline of the Pearson family this conversation takes place. However, there have been rapid advances in previous episodes that indicate that the future is not bright for the couple.


Season 4 of We are retakes the new episodes on NBC starting January 14.

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