It is said that Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson work together on new music: details!


Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are happy and in love, but that's not all! As a result, their romance has been a great inspiration and, since they are both singers, they are reportedly thinking of making some music together!

As you will remember, they were linked for the first time in October and since then, their romance has really developed a lot!

So why not let chemistry and feelings pour directly into your art, right?

Actually, an internal report claims to know that, while they have not yet launched a collaboration, they have been working together on things from the beginning.

‘Since their first date they have been making music together. Miley and Cody fit very well, they have a lot in common from their values ​​to their circle of friends and they also have their shared passion for music, "said the source through HollywoodLife.

Also, before they started dating, Miley and Cody had been friends for years and yet they haven't stopped collaborating with each other.

But since the Australian singer is currently working on an album and Miley also plans to release her seventh She Is Miley Cyrus project, it would be the perfect time for them to finally join and create some great collaborations.

The same insider also said that while Miley has had a good turnout when it comes to writing her own music, Cody has inspired her to be even more!


Ody Cody constantly writes poetry and songs and has inspired Miley to write more too. That's huge because it's almost like speaking another language, it connects them on a very deep level. When they are together with their family, everyone participates and plays together. The life of music for both of us, so it makes sense that they want to put music together, it's natural. "

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