Cardi B's daughter, Kulture, wears Santa's outfit in a beautiful holiday photo


Cardi B went to his platform to share an adorable photo of his daughter, Kulture, being ready for the most festive holiday of the year in a Santa suit! So is! The girl was wearing a red and white outfit all the time, looking like the perfect mini version of her rapper mother.

Cardi could not help but get excited about his son, letting the world know in the caption that his love for her cannot be explained.

The photo published by the master of ceremonies showed the one-year-old girl dressed in red velvet with fluffy white fists, dressed for the arrival of Santa.

And that was not all! He also wore a black headband, which, although it seemed not to match the rest of the environment, did a great job adding to his tenderness and showing his pretty face.

Speaking of which, while his face was completely visible on the camera, Cardi and Offset's daughter was not looking directly at the lens for the shot.

In fact, she seemed distracted by something off camera and was giving that mystery all her attention. Could it have been Santa?

Cardi couldn't help but want to capture her festive outfit anyway, and she did it!

Another thing that the proud mother could not avoid was throwing herself on her baby, so, in the caption, she wrote: "I love my baby very much." An inexplicable love. "What a great way to express it!


Cardi often shows her fans how much she enjoys being a mother and how much motherhood means to her and this time was no exception.

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