Cardi B publishes a cute clip of her husband Offset Smooching Daughter Kulture!


Kulture Kiari is receiving a lot of love from his mother and father and, lately, his interactions with them have also reached social networks, for the enjoyment of Cardi B and Offset fans! After all, everyone loves to see their adorable daughter!

This time, the emcee went to her platform to share a clip in which the Migos member was smoking the one-year-old girl.

Kulture, who still looks like his mother's spit image, wore a red cap in the video, looking very cozy.

It seems that the rapper parents had a rare day off at the same time, so they took advantage of the short break to show their daughter a little more love.

The boomerang Cardi only had to share with the world presents Offset kissing Kulture on the forehead and it's really sweet!

The mother of one, obviously, really loved the moment and got excited about both the girl and her husband in the legend that said: "My babies,quot;.

And since the girl was engulfed by the cold in Atlanta, where she and Offset had closed the house, she told her followers that Imma will start dressing KK more feminine soon. It will simply be difficult because it's cold outside. "

Anyway, Kulture still looked really elegant and fresh with the cold weather outfit, which shows that she can look like a true fashionista she already is.

After all, she wore the entire designer from head to toe!

More precisely, his warm attire included a Burberry bomber jacket and a matching bag.


The girl also wore a red cap with a fur puff to keep her little head warm.

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