Cardi B and Offset show their impressive mansion in new videos


It seems that Cardi B and Offset are living life, as the couple recently bought a new house and offered their fans a video tour of the big house while sharing a couple of videos on social networks.

In the videos of the luxurious building, which reportedly has a value of about $ 6 million in the market, the 26-year-old artist "I Like It,quot; showed some details of her new purchase.

The Grammy-winning singer seemed extremely excited as she walked around the property because, in her words, it has been a real struggle to find the right place since she and her 28-year-old husband liked different things and both of them. I have been looking for the perfect house for the past two years.

Apparently, during the search for real estate, Offset liked a couple of houses, which Cardi B did not approve, while those chosen by rapper "Bodak Yellow,quot; were criticized because of the living room they were in.

However, everything was fine in the end, and Cardi proudly stated that they managed to find the place with the help of their real estate agent in the Atlanta area, Brandi Hunter-Lewis and God.

The house, which can best be described as a mansion, is surrounded by six acres of private land and offers its inhabitants some advantages such as an indoor shooting range, giant chef's kitchen, secret room and a cellar.

A fan said: "Offset also seemed delighted with the new house, especially after seeing the huge garage, which he called his,quot; playground. "

Another commenter said: “Wow, this house is absolutely beautiful! You work very hard, so you deserve this 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Merry Christmas beautiful 😘🎁🎄🙌🏽❤️ Congratulations Cardi and offset! I always love how real you are. Always stay for you!

This sponsor revealed: “I LOVE that you have trusted a sista to find you forever at home! You give an incredible example of living your life while supporting your community !! Congratulations 😊 "

This supporter revealed: “Congratulations @b_luxurious @offsetyrn and @iamcardib … beautiful house, you all made a great selection of houses … it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you both during the search of your house with Brandi the year past. 💕🙏🏽 "


The lovebirds look very happy.

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