According to reports, Demi Lovato's friends por surprised ’by her and the separation of Austin Wilson – Here's why!


Demi Lovato and her boyfriend, Austin Wilson, seemed really serious with each other and very much in love! That said, when they separated only a few days after they posted hot photos on social media and also documented their fun Disneyland date, it is safe to say that their fans, as well as their close friends, were surprised.

So is! An internal report claims to know that Demi's inner circle was even more shocked, things between her and Austin ended as fast as her followers!

The source told HollywoodLife that "some of Demi's friends were really surprised by his separation from Austin and didn't see him coming." They had spent Thanksgiving with Demi, who brought Austin and thought they seemed so happy together. Demi seemed to have gotten along so well with him and his friends definitely saw a spark between them, so they couldn't believe when they heard the news of his breakup. "

The two became public with their romance in November and seemed to be really together.

They weren't even shy with affection, Demi even shared a spooky mirror selfie with Austin that she titled "my love."

The source continued explaining that ‘Everyone was interested in this relationship that Demi had with Austin and they loved seeing it become something that all his friends thought was very special. Demi never showed that there were problems and some think they could even be together again. But to say that it was a surprise that they separated, especially during the holidays was definitely a shock. "

After making their Instagram relationship official, the two began to see each other online and in public together more and more.

That said, the couple was seen on a hiking trip at some point.

Their romance intensified quite quickly judging by the sensual photos of the photo shoot they also shared on their social media platforms.


Were you surprised by the separation of Demi and Austin or not?

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