Tiny Harris' video with the opening gifts of the heiress Harris makes fans praise her sweetness


Tiny Harris shared a video on her social media account in which she and T.I.'s girl, Heiress Harris, are opening presents. She couldn't be more adorable as you will see in the video.

‘The obsession is changing a little while still being a big fan of @itsjojosiwa, but to add to that she loves @ryansworld and these eggs she got! Anyway, this child was made for what we call entertainment! @realnickroses you better enter now 20/20 Happy Holidays # PrincessHeiressDiana💜 #RyanWorldsEggs # Christmas2019🎁 ’Tiny captioned its publication.

Fans can't get enough of Tiny's daughter and can't stop praising her beauty and ingenuity in the comments.

Someone said: "She is so adorable that her voice is all that her own channel / program needs," and another follower said: "Hey, pretty girl, you got it from your mother,quot; is beautiful. "

One commenter posted this: ‘Yes, I brought my son the piggy bank and I glow in the dark chest. It's a surprise for the boys, I told him. I'm surprised he still doesn't like it hahaha. "

Someone said: ‘That's all my niece wanted for Christmas too. She loves Ryan and watches all her YouTube videos, "and another fan posted:" Aweee, watch her. You just have to love her. She is so amazing ❤️❤️🥰 "

Another follower posted this: "She's so cute! She's so smart and beautiful … I can't!"

Someone said: ‘The heiress is the cutest, most adorable and intelligent baby. You just can't help it, you get it from your mother Tiny and your dad T.I., your genes just mix well. I love Tiny, she's just beautiful, in every way. "

A follower published: "She is super intelligent and her speech is so articulate … I love this baby, I watched her from the beginning."

Apart from this, Tiny shared more family photos on her social media account, and the whole gang seems happy and in a good mood for the holidays.


Tiny also made sure to tell people that her husband played Santa Claus all night.

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