Tamar Braxton praises his family for Christmas – Check out his message and videos


Tamar Braxton praised his family on social networks. He wrote an emotional message and posted some really cool videos with his loved ones. Check out his post below.

‘Sometimes you don't realize that you have a family of morons until you are no longer the same family of morons. 💔 Enjoy all your crazy family as they are. Those are really the good times. #happyholidays #takethwgoodwiththebad ", Tamar captioned his post.

Someone said: lo Madness is needed !! That is the special sauce! I love you happy holidays 😂❤️❤️ ’and another follower posted this: Am Amen !!! ❤️❤️😍 I love my crazy family! & # 39;

A follower posted this: "That was my favorite part of that episode ♥ ️ ♥ ️ is still a family of drug addicts," and another fan praised the family as well: ‘This is beautiful. Yes, love them as they are and while you can. Life is too short. Trust me! I have lost 3 brothers and both parents. We had our problems, but I would take them any day to miss them as I do. You are great ".

Another of Tamar's fans said "I totally agree with that, all we can do is pray that everyone can fix it." You can feel it so deeply during the holidays, it is heartbreaking 💔. I hope you enjoyed Christmas Beautiful. That Braxton Christmas album was the main theme of my gift wrapping and drinking wine. "

Someone else said: love I love your family at times like this and when they all come together through the song❤️ It really breaks my heart to see the ladies fall apart, so I can only imagine how they feel. Such an amazing fraternal bond, I pray that it can be restored. "

Not long ago, Tamar shared another video with his son Logan Herbert and his man, David Adefeso.


These two are really binding, and even fans have already realized that they are building a really great relationship.

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