Safaree praises Erica Mena and women in general and fans appreciate her message


Safaree wrote a message on his social media account not long ago that left his fans amazed. He talked about women and what they have to endure in this life, praising his wife and all women in general. Look at his message below.

‘Women do not receive the respect they deserve. Seeing what a woman has to endure physically and mentally is amazing to me. I can't believe I put this here. Let's raise all our women by any means necessary, my people. They deserve it and should never disrespect you yet I still can't believe I'm having a baby 🎁 and I wouldn't want it with anyone but my wife that God blessed me with, # Safaree captioned his post.

Erica skipped the comments and said: ‘Oh, you absolutely put something / SOMEONE in me. Lol Your daughter can't wait to meet her dad. ❤️ ’

Another follower posted this: "You are exactly what @iamerica_mena needed … and she is exactly what you needed!" He talks about the time of God and the things that happen in divine order "congratulations for everything,quot;.

One commenter said: ‘You understand because you take the time to do it. Some men do not, so they will never understand it. "

Someone else posted this: ‘Wow, it's a beautiful message. Only real men understand, "and one follower wrote:" You will be a good father @safaree. I can't wait to meet my niece. "

Another commenter said: ‘You'll be an amazing dad! And you can raise a baby with @iamerica_mena! What a lucky guy! "

One of Safaree's fans also thanked Safaree for his words and said: & # 39; Amen, thanks to U Safaree, yes, as women we deserve it. I have eight grandchildren, so it's a blessing day. I congratulate you and Erica God. . & # 39;

Not long ago, Safaree was invited the other day at The Real Daytime, and talked about all kinds of things, including music.


But what excited some fans the most was what he said about the things he would like to erase.

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