Paris Hilton looked great at the Streamy Awards – See photos


Paris Hilton was impressive at the Streamy Awards "Streamys,quot; and now people comment on her beautiful hair. Paris wore her long blond locks in loose waves to the waist that were soft, fluid and feminine. The photos of the 38-year-old woman became viral and people wanted to know who was combing her hair. Celebrity stylist Eduardo Ponce combed Paris and shared several photos of his finished look. Paris wore Glam Seamless hair extensions and her hair was long, thick and luxurious and was sensational on the red carpet of Streamys.

Paris wore her long blond hair cut in half, making it the perfect frame for her face when she reached the awards. Rocking a silver mini dress with a shiny choker and bracelet, Paris was as fashionable as glamorous. She showed her perfect figure and wore white heels with her outfit. Paris Hilton is an heiress of the Hilton hotel line and became a family name when she starred in the reality television series Simple life.

The Paris dress recalled some of the lapel dresses that were commonly used in the 1920s and the dress had a similar style, to the fringe that extends from the hem.

You can see a presentation of photos of Paris Hilton on the Streamys in the following player.

Celebrity makeup artist Diane Buzzetta made Paris's face and she looked beautiful. Paris has brown eyes but tends to wear colored contact lenses. For the Streamys, Paris's eyes looked a little hazelnut and were framed under thick, black eyelashes that were extra long. Paris's eyebrows were perfectly arched and had a soft and mauve tone. Diane chose brown tones for Paris's eyes that made her makeup look natural and glamorous.

Paris wore a light pink blush and her lips were a natural bare color. Praise for the appearance of Paris continues to reach social media platforms and many said Paris was simply beautiful.

You may see another slide show with photos of Paris that the Streamys shared on their official Instagram account below.

What do you think of the Paris Hilton look for the Streamys? Did you like her silver mini dress with beads?


Did you like the Paris Hilton hairstyle and Glam Seamless extensions?

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