Miley Cyrus closes Cody Simpson's split rumors once and for all



Miley Cyrus still love Cody Simpson.

On Thursday, the singer of "Slide Away,quot; calmed the breakup rumors with a night date. On Instagram, Miley shared two selfies of herself and the Australian singer with a casual and welcoming look.

"Start dating your best friend Asap," he wrote about an image in his Instagram Stories. On the other, he kept his legend simple, writing "Besties."

Cody also intervened with his own publication. He shared a video of Miley entering the restaurant where they were having dinner, giving his girlfriend a thank you for his stories. He wrote: "Who is this fox cold as stone?"

The publication of the singer of "Mother & # 39; s Daughter,quot; occurs amid speculation that the duo, which began dating in October, has resigned. Earlier this month, the singer of "Golden Thing,quot; was seen with Playboy model Jordy Murray, causing rumors that he was cheating on Miley. Shortly after the sighting, Miley shared a link to a recording of her Christmas song "Sad Christmas Song,quot; on social media, further hinting at a separation.

Reports also claimed that Cody kissed another woman while in a bar in New York City. But, Cody hastened to crush these rumors.

In a statement to E! News, Cody's agent confirmed that "there is absolutely no truth in this story." They added: "Cody went out with a friend and everything else is made. Point."


Cody's sister There Simpson he echoed his representative's statement in an interview with Daily Mail Australia, where he confirmed that his older brother and the Disney student were still dating a lot. She told the store: "Yes, (they are) together safely." As for her relationship with Jordy, Alli emphasized that the model is just a friend and is currently dating her friend. Ryan McCarthy.

The couple recently showed that their relationship is stronger than ever during the holidays. The "Home To Mama,quot; singer joined Miley and her family in Tennessee to celebrate their first Christmas together. Posing in front of the tree for an adorable group photo, Miley wished her followers happy holidays on her Instagram Stories, writing: "Merry Christmas."

And before that, Cody attended the Thanksgiving Day of the Cyrus family, confirming that their relationship and that of Miley is the real deal.

"Miley's family loves Cody and was happy she stayed," a source close to the couple told E! News of the time. "Everyone celebrated the holidays together at Miley's family home. Everyone gets along very well and Miley's brothers have welcomed Cody. Their relationship is fun and easy. He is one of the crew members."

Now, the sky is the limit for Cody and Miley, especially following their recent divorce agreement with Liam Hemsworth. Tuesday E! News confirmed that the former resolved the details of their divorce and were able to keep everything friendly.

"It is a relief for both of them who can legally pass from each other and leave this completely behind," a source close to the The Hunger Games the actor told E! News. "Both are very ready to move on and unravel any issues that remain to be resolved. They are happy to close this chapter of their lives."

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