Meghan King Edmonds criticizes Troll, who accuses her of interpreting the victim in the middle of Jim Edmonds' divorce


Former Royal Housewives of Orange County Star Meghan King Edmonds has continued to provide fans with periodic updates on social media about her life as the mother of three children after her surprise separated from Jim Edmonds. But after she shared a long Instagram post about her hectic Christmas morning, a troll decided to call her for interpreting the victim in her divorce.

At Christmas, Meghan posted photos of her children Aspen, 3, Hart, 1 and Hayes, 1, opening their presents. And in the caption, Meghan wrote that Christmas morning was full of joy and laughter, but she began with excessive sleep because she had a small child in bed and that prevented her from checking her alarm.

Meghan explained that her alarm volume was at zero, which made her fall asleep for an hour and a half and her twins were screaming. She complained of being awake until 2 a.m. because he had to build a new game room and put his prefabricated casseroles in the oven 1.5 hours later than planned.

He also forgot to cook a special syrup, but he still needed to brush his teeth and hair. And, the whole family was already there. Meghan did not stop there, as she shared that she was stressed because her children did not see the "great gift,quot; immediately and did not have breakfast ready for her family as she had promised.

“All Whist 3 terrorists parasitically demand their milk with full diapers waiting for my change. Christmas, such a magical holiday. "By the way, I think many mothers can relate, right?" Meghan wrote.

After reading Meghan's long post, a troll wrote that the 35-year-old man draws on being a victim. They explained that Meghan puts a ridiculous amount on her plate, then posts about it so she can seem like a hero to everyone.

“Jim and Haley were 100% right about your narcissism. Yes, we understand. Mom has a hard time sometimes. Especially those who do not have babysitters and a support group at your fingertips. Try to be humble and don't always publish … "hey, how fabulous I am!" 🙄 ”wrote the skeptic.

Meghan immediately responded, noting that the troll had zero posts and zero followers, and then added that the troll apparently opened an Instagram account so they could "throw bad vibes on a holiday."

Meghan continued, writing that even if the troll believed what they said, where was their empathy? She explained that this has been the most difficult moment of her life and that she is a victim in many ways. He asked if that made her a narcissist, and then agreed that she had assumed too much and had emotionally paid for it.

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However, Meghan King Edmonds says it has less to do with narcissism and more with overcompensation "in an attempt to pretend that the life I thought I would have is not falling apart around me."

He ended up saying that he was complaining and venting, and if it sounds like a weeping victim it is because it is. Meghan said she needed more pampering at this time and was not too proud to admit it.


"This tirade is not for you, it is for me. I am working on things," Meghan said.

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