"Heart Is Shattered,quot; by Billie Eilish while crying the death of 2 fans



Billie eilish He mourns after two nearby fans died consecutively.

As seen on Instagram Stories, the Grammy nominee paid tribute to Kira Stanley Y Skylar davies who died recently

"Rest, beautiful girl. I love you angel," Billie wrote on Instagram Stories by sharing photos of Skylar. "Sending every ounce of love I have to Skylar's family and friends. My heart is broken."

And if that wasn't difficult enough, Billie also wanted to pay tribute to another fan who has been a follower for many years.

"F – k. I don't understand why all this happens. I hate this," he wrote on Instagram Stories while posing with Kira. "I don't know how I'm finding out now. You're not here anymore. I love you so much Kira."

Billie added: "Please, fly high. Rest in peace … I want to scream."


According to social networks, Kira was fighting cancer and was diagnosed with a diffuse intrinsic pontino glioma.

As for Skylar, a family grieving fund seems to have been created to help with funeral expenses.

"Skylar collapsed, his heart stopped beating and he never regained consciousness," the GoFundMe page said. "Skylar was our world and we are deeply shattered."

Billie seems to be in London, where he is trying to celebrate the holidays. The "bad boy,quot; singer also takes time off before her. Where are we going? World tour begins in March 2020.

He is also expected to attend 2020 Grammys and will perform at the iHeartRadio ALTER EGO concert in January.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Billie and all who mourn the loss of Skylar and Kira.

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