Drake talks about the qualities a woman must have to be with him; He also talks about J Lo – Watch the video


Drake addresses the qualities that a woman should have to convince him to leave celibacy. He also talks about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez and says he only has positive things to say about this fantastic woman and mother. Look the following video.

People discussed the issue in the comments, and most women said that Drake seems really selfish.

Someone said: "What I hear is that he wants someone with refined tastes to know himself." Someone matched, equally driven. I think the best question is, since you have encountered these types of women, why didn't these relationships work?

One follower posted this: minuto One minute he said he loves his space, and the next he said that the person has to be so special that he cannot function without it. Those types of light skin are so extra. 🙄🙄🙄 ’

One commenter posted: ‘He said he encountered this a couple of times, but could not hold on to it. He got what he asked for, but gave him nothing to stay for. It seems he is not ready. "

Someone else said: "Nah … this is not so, ladies. There is a need for growth here. A lot of I / I, then I repeat. I could not hold on to what I found because of the repeated me / me …" "

Another follower said: "Basically, he wants to have someone there whenever he wants, while pursuing his own dreams and she doesn't interfere."

Someone else also believes that Drake is a rather selfish man: "Damn it, it's fine but it's selfish." He wants to be the captain of the ship, he wants a woman to be by his side, but he doesn't want to break his routine or have to worry about being "dizzy,quot; and having to "stop and stop." Oh no. & # 39;


In other news, it is rumored that Drake has been dating Kylie Jenner since she broke up with Travis Scott, but this has not been confirmed.

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