Dog The Bounty Hunter publishes a sweet family photo marking his first Christmas celebration since the death of wife Beth


Around the holidays, the loss probably feels more painful! After all, this was Dog Chapman's first Christmas he had to celebrate without his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, after his tragic death.

Somehow, the man managed to feel some of the magic of the parties while posing with family members for a very festive photo.

This occurs six months after Beth's death from throat cancer.

The woman would always make Christmas as festive as possible for her children, so her mourning husband made sure to follow in her footsteps and keep the tradition alive.

Beth lost the battle against cancer in June and since then, Dog has mentioned several times how much he was struggling to deal with the devastating loss.

While it hasn't healed yet, the reality show star made an effort to spend a merry family Christmas this year, toasting a glass of wine with four family members, including her 21-year-old daughter and Bonth's daughter, Bonnie .

"Merry Christmas is unfermented wine," Dog wrote next to the sweet family photo.

He definitely seemed in a good mood and that can only be a good thing since he has also been struggling with health problems.

You can remember the September reports when it was shared with the world that Dog had experienced a terrifying "cardiac emergency."

Upon arriving at the hospital, he was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, which had caused the formation of blood clots.


Dr. Tanya Dutta explained the condition through HollywoodLife and said that the clots are usually in the legs, although sometimes in the arms. Then they break off and travel to the blood vessels of the lungs. As the blood vessels become smaller, the clot eventually lodges and obstructs blood flow. Once blood flow is obstructed, the supply of oxygen to the body decreases. "Fear!

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