Ayesha Curry gets excited about Canon Adorable Son – Look at the pictures!


Ayesha Curry turned to social media to share an adorable photo of her youngest son, Canon, a one-year-old boy, and she couldn't help but freak out! While a mother always sees her son as the "sweetest,quot;, no matter what, it is safe to say that he was definitely right: the son is a beautiful and super cute baby that looks like the perfect mix of Ayesha and the genes of Steph!

This was Canon's second Christmas with his mother and father and two brothers, Ryan, 4, and Riley, 7.

That said, the happy family made sure to look like a unit wearing matching Christmas tree pajamas on the special day, and that included Canon!

The proud mother took her platform to share some photos from December 25, the day after Christmas.

One of the snapshots seemed to stand out more, as it featured the adorable youngest member of the family, with its striking blue eyes on display while looking directly at the camera with apparent amazement.

And that was not the only cute photo of the child.

A second show that is being curled up by his beloved mother and is a beautiful sight!

While it is clear that Canon has inherited characteristics from both his mother and his father, there is no doubt that he is becoming more and more like his father's twin as he grows up.

These new images are proof enough that he looks exactly like Steph these days, with some features of Ayesha dotted here and there.

The mother of three also posted a photo that showed the whole family posing in front of their Christmas tree.


Finally, there was a snap of her and Steph approaching without the children in sight, too.

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