Amy Schumer talks about her "brutal,quot; experience in giving birth to her son Gene


Since Amy Schumer announced that she and her husband Chris Fischer were expecting their first child, the Derailed train Star has been extremely sincere about her pregnancy and her life as a new mother. Schumer and Fischer welcomed baby Gene in May, and Schumer recently revealed that his cesarean delivery was "really scary."

Schumer said during a recent episode of the Informed pregnancy and parenting podcast he was vomiting during the first hour of his caesarean section. And, although the procedure usually takes about an hour and a half, hers took more than three hours due to his endometriosis.

The girl with the tattoo on her lower back The author also revealed that she originally planned to give birth with a doula in a maternity center, but finally decided to give birth in a hospital.

"It was a rainy Sunday and I woke up vomiting and I was like the sickest I had been all along," Schumer explained. "And I thought, & # 39; I can't do this anymore & # 39; it was so big and so miserable that it couldn't contain anything."

Schumer described Gene's birth as "torture,quot; and "something brutal," but she said her husband was great. She said they only looked into each other's eyes and he hugged her. And, when Gene arrived, he was allowed to see and hug him for a good amount of time.

The 38-year-old woman also spoke about her diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy, which is extreme nausea and nausea, which she received during her first trimester. She said that after giving birth, all her symptoms disappeared.

Schumer told his Instagram fans in February that his morning sickness was so severe that he would vomit after riding in a car for just five minutes. He ended up canceling his comedy tour so he could take care of himself during his pregnancy. And, although he was quite miserable, he said that some days he would feel good for a couple of hours.

Just a few weeks before Gene's birth, Amy Schumer wrote on social media that she was very pregnant and was still vomiting because the money is rarely used for medical studies for hyperemesis gravidarum and endometriosis. Instead, he said the money goes to things like "the d * cks don't get hard enough or the old ones who want more difficult d * cks."

She also filmed her comedy special Growing during his second trimester, where he got the dress up and showed his growing baby bump to the audience.


Growing It is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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