Queen Elizabeth mentions Prince Harry's baby and Meghan Markle in her annual holiday speech


This year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did not attend the royal family's Christmas services with the rest of the blue-blooded clan. However, that does not mean that Queen Elizabeth forgot about them in her Christmas message.

The royal leader made sure to recognize the couple's baby, Archie Harrison, in the prerecorded message that was transmitted on Christmas Day.

The 93-year-old woman mentioned the 7-month-old girl, who is also her youngest great grandson.

‘Two hundred years after the birth of my great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, Prince Philip and I, we have been delighted to receive our eighth great-grandson in our family. Of course, at the heart of this Christmas story is the birth of a baby: a seemingly small and insignificant step that many overlooked in Bethlehem. "

She continued: "But over time, through his teachings and by his example, Jesus Christ would show the whole world how small steps taken in faith and hope can overcome entrenched differences and deeply rooted divisions to bring harmony and understanding. ".

This comes a day after a part of the speech was previously issued.

During that, the Queen talked about the difficulties the royal family had been through in 2019 and even caused controversy since she didn't mention Harry, Meghan and her son.

Not only that, but the picture frames were not on his desk, even though everyone else appeared, which made people think he had rejected them.

"The road, of course, is not always smooth, and sometimes this year may have felt bumpy, but small steps can make a big difference," the monarch shared with his loyal subjects at that time.

As a result, she had no intention of leaving them out.

However, when it comes to the images, some fans theorized that the frames were only from people in line to the throne, so the trio was missing.


At the same time, others pointed out that they were presented last year, so the online discussion about it continues.

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