Porsha Williams celebrates the birthday of her beautiful niece, Kayla – Look at the girl with beautiful baby PJ


Porsha Williams has just celebrated the birthday of her beautiful niece, Kayla, for Christmas. Porsha has been living her best days, and could not be happier for this vacation surrounded by her family.

The RHOA star shared a couple of beautiful photos with Kayla, and the beautiful girl, Pilar Jehna McKinley, and you can see them below.

‘Happy birthday to my beautiful niece Kayla! I love you so much P’’s Porsha captioned your post.

Someone said: "Happy birthday, honey, have a wonderful day," and another follower posted this: "How old are you, beautiful niece, Kayla Porsha hit me again."

Another follower praised Kayla and said: "Wow, she is getting prettier and prettier every photo,quot; and someone else posted this: "Happy birthday to your beautiful niece Kayla." I hope you are enjoying your special celebration of the day of birth with the celebration of family and friends so that the most complete season of Capricorn is here. "

A follower sprouted over PJ's eyebrows: "PJ's eyebrows are on point,quot; Happy birthday Kayla! "And another fan posted this, also praising Pilar:" porsha4real I can't stand the tenderness anymore. Please give me PJ. I love her so much. PJ IG Aunt and mommy. Merry Christmas to you. & # 39;

Another follower published this: "Beauty runs in the family, happy birthday Kayla."

Someone else said: ‘Happy birthday to your beautiful niece and our Lord and Savior 👀 but I don't know who that YT man is. I don't know him, I honestly couldn't tell you who he is. "


Just the other day, Porsha shared a post that includes two photos and a clip with her baby PJ on social media. He's in the car watching some cartoons, and he can't look sweeter.

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