KUWK: Tristan Thompson and Travis Scott were at Kardashian's Christmas party just when parents didn't meet their ex, says the source


It's no secret that Travis Scott and Tristan Thompson attended Kar-Jenner's Christmas party this year and although the shippers would expect them to be there to rekindle their romances with their family ex, the reality is different. Privileged information claims to know that they came only to fulfill their duty as parents and not because they were together again with Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, respectively.

It was a massive celebration and the parents only had to be there with their adorable daughters, to the delight of the mothers, who still want them in the life of Stormi and True despite their separation.

Now, insider information tells HollywoodLife that “ There was no PDA or romance when it came to Travis and Tristan at the party with Khloe and Kylie, they were strictly in Dad's duty and enjoyed all the entertainment and food and just They were chatting and they were just lying loose.

Then they went on to prepare dishes that: for them, they enjoyed the relaxation of everything. There was no drama with any family member, everyone was having a good time and in the festive spirit and things were mainly for children, it was a very safe and quiet meeting. No one was going to spend the night about their relationships or the lack of them, it was about being close to everyone for Christmas. "

Of course, Tristan has been flirting a lot with his ex, Khloe, both on social media and during meetings, making it clear that he wants them to be more than just parents once again.

Every time the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shares a new photo, the basketball player overflows with it in the comments section, but it doesn't seem like Khloe wants me to come back that way.


Still, only time will tell if your efforts will bear fruit in the end.

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