Keyshia Cole and her embarrassed mother, Frankie Lons, talk in a new video about continuing to look for their father and be biracial


It's 2012 again for singer and new mother Keyshia Cole, who seems to be looking for her father yet.

The singer recently had her mother, Frankie Lons, on her show, One by one with Keyshia Cole, where they came and went about the singer being biracial and hinting that Virgil Hunter, a former boxer, who previously confirmed that he was his father, is not his father after all.

Many fans remember when Keyshia announced the Black Girls Rock! to show: "I'm biracial, but it's fine … I'm black; I'm black …"

Later he added: “#BlackGirlsRock first of all I feel ALLGIRLSROCK !! And by the way, I don't know what I mix with, nor have I tried to find out, "he said on Twitter." I grew up in Oakland. My mother is a black woman. HOWEVER, I don't know my father. (sic) to know! ”

The reality TV star asked Frankie to explain what it mixes with: “I have a very serious question because the only problem is the right one, she told me it was mixed. You told me, right?

Frankie revealed: "No, I said you were,quot; another "and that you are another."

Keyshia added, "Well, what is,quot; other? "Explain to the public why my fans are really upset. They think that when I repeated that, I am saying that I am not black, which is not the truth."

Frankie backed his daughter: "Black is a color, first of all, so don't listen to that."

Keyshia asked for help saying, "Well, can you explain to me to get rid of it?" Frankie said: "‘ Another ’means … your mother is one color and your dad is another."

Keyshia said: “I just want the general public of the people who have been my fans over the years to understand that this is not something I got from myself and from my own mind. This is something they told me and I wanted to express it. "

She went on to say that Kayshia's father is an "Italian, Caucasian,quot; man who owned a restaurant called Pal Joeys in San Jose.

Keyshia told his fans: "Guys, when I was a child, I looked for Pal Joeys, I called 411, remember that? I called 411 many times. First he told me it was in Los Angeles, boys. I called Los Angeles and not There was none there.

Frankie said the man "was a boy he used to date when he was a leisure woman. I got attached because he tried, went to his grave, trying to stop prostitution."


Keyshia is good with drama.

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