FanDuel Seahawks vs. 49ers Week 17 selections: alignment tips for a single game Sunday Night Football DFS


Seahawks vs. 49ers at Sunday Night Football will decide the NFC West in the final NFL Playoff movement of the 2019 regular season. FanDuel offers a single-game DFS NFL contest for SNF, so we've gathered tips and selections for one last play Fantasy football daily in its regular season.

The FanDuel configuration is slightly different from the DraftKings Showdown contests. The MVP slot still accumulates 1.5x points, but there is no price difference, so it really makes sense to try to get as many points as possible from that slot, taking into account the possible differentiation of other alignments. It is also worth noting that the price was created before Marshawn Lynch signed, so it is not available to be played.

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FanDuel Sunday Night Soccer Picks: Seahawks vs. 49ers

MVP (1.5x points): RB Raheem Mostert, 49ers ($ 13,000)

Much of the MVP property is expected to go to both QB and George Kittle. We will get away from that with the explosive Mostert, which has endorsed the San Francisco backfield and should work hard with the NFC West on the line.

FLEX: QB Russell Wilson, Seahawks ($ 14,500)

If we choose a quarterback of this game, it makes sense to take the one on the offensive with an unstable RB situation that already threw more to start. Russ has a much better chance of a great game than Jimmy Garoppolo, despite the recent struggles of the Seattle offensive.

FLEX: TE George Kittle, 49ers ($ 14,500)

Kittle will have at least some of his catches and rumbles for great YAC plays on Sunday night, and if the 49ers are smart, they will feed him as much as possible in a great game.

FLEX: WR DK Metcalf, Seahawks ($ 9,500)

We couldn't afford Tyler Lockett with the top three players involved, so we expect Metcalf to get behind the defense and connect with Wilson at least once.

FLEX: TE Jacob Hollister, Seahawks ($ 8,000)

Hollister seems to be quite consistent at a not very high volume, so maybe he can hook four catches and find the final area in it.