Brad Pitt was the last to leave Jennifer Aniston's party for a reason that involved Angelina Jolie


Many were surprised to discover that Brad Pitt attended the recent Christmas / holiday party of Jennifer Aniston.

And things even got more interesting when it was revealed that he was the last to leave Jennifer's mansion because they needed to talk.

The news has fans, including Wendy Williams wondering, will the previous couple be back?

A source spoke with We weekly and revealed that it was a sweet gathering, and Brad and Jennifer had a deep conversation about Angelina Jolie and the mass trap scandal.

The expert said this: "One reason why Brad and Jen get along so well now is that they have agreed to bury the past and not analyze what went wrong." They both look forward, not backward. "

Brad assumed full responsibility for his actions: "He has taken responsibility. He has tried to make amends. He did not realize the magnitude of the pain he caused to Jen at that time. He was so absorbed in Angelina Jolie and could not see outside of that tunnel. "

The source said they are closer than before and added: "They have always cared for each other and think with love in their time together. For Jen, seeing Brad is like seeing a dear old friend again. They have a real link. "

Another source spoke with Hollywood life and said it was a special moment for the ex and added: “Spending time with Jen in a friendly atmosphere was therapeutic for Brad, who never wanted things with her to end on a bitter note. It makes him happy and shows him that people can really discover their differences and move on. It seems promising that he was able to correct past failures and be back in a great place with Jen. "

The family friend shared: “Most of Jennifer's friends are also friends with Brad, so it was a good opportunity for him to see many people who care at the same time. It was like a meeting. "

Meanwhile, Brad is also in a good place with Angelina, who made sure to spend Christmas with her children.

The source continued: “Brad is busy preparing for the awards season and waiting for all that, but he is very interested in relaxing during the holiday season and seeing his children. It will be personal because, like all great parents, appreciate moments like this, and this will not be different. He wants them to be happy this holiday season, and he will be happy to spend time with them. He hopes to have an excellent normal vacation without drama. ”


Brad is really moving at a slow pace.

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