Baby Mama of Tekashi 69, Sara Molina and her girlfriend, Jade hit each other on social media for Christmas


The final sentence of Tekashi 69 is two years behind bars, as already reported. It has also been revealed that the young rapper will have to enter a mental health center after getting out of jail.

While Tekashi spends winter vacations locked up, his baby mom, Sara Molina, and his current GF Jade are getting their feet on social media.

Sara hit Jade after the Tekashi GF 69 posted something about baby moms. It was a message that said "baby breasts,quot; only makes children keep a man close, while real mothers have children and focus on them, and not on the lives of their parents.

Sara responded and hit Jade on social media, as you will see below.

Someone commented: Ambos Do you both realize that a boy is in jail? As if they were arguing about someone who literally can't drop the soap for more than a few months … "

Another follower said: "I agree with Sara on how she is taking care of another person who is not even his, but not his, that is so useless."

A follower published this: "Someone did not get what he wanted for Christmas."

One person believes that ‘The bride did not have to send shots to anyone. If my man is a rat … I will sit and eat my cheese until it is time to get out of our hole. I hate when girlfriends come for breasts and I don't even have children! "

Someone else said: "girl, let that pain go away and be a mother and do what you have to do for YOUR daughter."


Apart from that, Jade also posted a video showing the gift he received for Christmas from Tekashi 69.

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