The secret of Wiktoria: the best bras could be made in Poland


A few years ago, I came across the ABraThatFits subreddit, where people share their struggle to find a support and transmit what they have learned. While I was moving around the forum, I often found a specific advice: go to Polish.

The Redditors mentioned some particular brands, Ewa Michalak and Comexim, but there are 47 companies listed in their "Polish guide,quot;. As a result, lingerie experts and enthusiasts have a special reverence for bras made in Poland, and a growing number of boutiques in the United States wear them.

Laura Henny, owner of Rack Shack, a boutique on Central Avenue in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, receives calls every week about whether she has Ewa Michalak bras.

She wears Ewa Michalak bras most of the time. "They are extremely comfortable, and I really like the way they give," Henny said.