KUWK: Kim wants Sia to become a Kardashian: she begs Rob to marry the singer and make it happen!


The Kardashian-Jenners had a very special guest at their annual Christmas Eve party, singer Sia, and they seem to want to make her their own! That said, they seem to have found the perfect way to turn that into reality!

This year's Kar-Jenner clan Christmas party was a great success and even Rob Kardashian, who has generally stayed away from the family business in recent years, attended.

Kardashian's only son managed to lose a few kilos and work on his mental health and now, he is much safer and happy to be part of such events.

He is also the only family member who has the power to add more people.

Of course, the way he can do it is by marrying someone who would later adopt Kardashian's name and join the reality show family.

This was Kim's idea! The reality show celebrity was filming when Rob thought he was actually posing for a photo.

That is when the sister is heard saying, "Rob can marry Sia so he can become Kardashian!"

It is not clear in the clip if Rob heard this suggestion; Therefore, there is no way to know how you feel about the agreement for now.

Meanwhile, Sia was presenting for the clan some live songs with Christmas themes for everyone to enjoy.

Overall, it was a big party, Kim mentioned the tradition, as well as her husband Kanye's Sunday Service Choir in a speech.


‘We are so grateful that we are still doing this. Tonight is very special because my husband Kanye (West) has been working hard with his Sunday Service Choir, "the mother of four shared with the crowd.

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