Kobe Bryant's daughter plays basketball in high heels and mini dress in videos posted by her mother, Vanessa Bryant: fans are impressed and eager for this reason


It seems that the saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree is true for Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna "Gigi,quot; Bryant, since the 13-year-old girl shows the same dedication to basketball as her father.

Recently, Vanessa Bryant, mother of Gigi and wife of Kobe, shared some Instagram posts that show her daughter playing basketball, while she is dressed in an elegant black dress and high heels.

The teenager, who, like her legendary father, is outstanding in sports, decided that she should show up at her basketball practice even though she had to be present at a previous Christmas meeting.

The proud mother titled the series of images with the explanation that her daughter came to train in her handle after coming from a Christmas show and added some emojis: a Christmas tree, a heart and a basketball. Kobe's wife, jokingly, finished his post with the words: "Don't mess up mom's shoes … thank you."

Vanessa also added a hashtag with the nickname that she and Kobe supposedly use to call their daughter, Mambacita, who supposedly comes from "The Black Mamba," the way they called her father at the top of his career.

One person replied: "She is definitely her father's daughter ♥ ️ Excellent, but protect her ankles / knees from future injuries."

A follower, who fears that the teenager may get hurt with his heels, said: "Those shoes are making each basketball player grab his ankle and shrink. Eh … Coach Kobe had to do something because he didn't get that boy,quot;. There is nothing but bad karma because of the way he treated his parents though. Oh well, d Wade and LeBron's children can be pro bro. You will see them from the barrier. Enjoy your four girls though. "

This person had this reaction: "Come on, everyone thinks she wouldn't have those skills!" Kobe lifts her off the floor with those heels. Lol Ball life!

Currently, Gigi is part of the Kobe AAU team and reportedly aspires to continue his education at the University of Connecticut, where he could play for the women's basketball team.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant were married on April 18 in 2001, and together they share four daughters. The couple welcomed their fourth child in June of this year.


Is the girl pushing too hard?

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