Ice-T and Coco Austin's daughter is simply stunning in Christmas photos


One of the recent Instagram posts of rapper Ice-T's wife, Nicole "Coco Marie,quot; Austin, has made many headlines lately.

However, it was not the swimsuit model that attracted the attention of his numerous followers; instead, it was his 4-year-old daughter, Chanel Nicole, who this time was the center of attention.

The young woman looked like a little princess in a series of holiday photographs that quickly gathered thousands of likes on Coco Marie's Instagram page.

The proud mother captioned her post with the words she loved to sit and watch her daughter pose in front of the camera, while the girl modeled happily.

For the photo shoot, Chanel Nicole was dressed in a beautiful dress by the luxurious atelier Princess Ford.

The dress, which was made with light blue fabrics and champagne colors, was combined with a small crown, and you can see the girl surrounded by Christmas trees with white and gold decorations.

One person said: "She looks like her dad but she has your perfect spirit. Awesome little beauty!"

Another sponsor wrote: “What little beauty it is becoming. It's weird to see her without a smile or a happy look in her eyes. I knew you would be a fantastic mom! Be proud! "Adorable girl you and Ice T have!"

A happy follower shared: “She is adorable; she favors her father a lot !! She is absolutely adorable! Her dress is beautiful, it's the cutest thing 😍 and Omg this dress is awesome 🔥! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOUR FAMILY 💕😘! "

Chanel turned four on November 28 and his parents celebrated the occasion by organizing a birthday party with the theme of Barbie.

Ice-T and his wife faced a wave of violent reactions earlier this year when it was revealed that Coco is still breastfeeding Chanel despite his age.

However, the rapper and the actor remained beside his spouse and insisted that his daughter needed to be breastfed because she lacked some vital nutrients, and in addition to her mother's milk, she also liked hamburgers very much.

Ice-T and Coco got married in January 2002 and welcomed their only child together in 2015.


In addition to Chanel, the rapper is the father of his daughter LeTesha and his son Ice Tray Marrow.

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