Barack Obama cradles and gets excited about the baby "Cutie Pie,quot; and is adorable – Watch the video!


The former president took some time on his golf trip to Hawaii to meet a lot of tenderness and social networks can't get over the adorable moment! In fact, Barack Obama also burst into tears over the baby he had to cradle, and called Riley Lewis a "cupcake!"

Of course, he was definitely not wrong, but his interaction with the young man was what finally stole everyone's hearts.

The 3-month aunt, Andrea Jones, was the one who filmed everything and then shared it on Twitter for everyone to see.

The clip shows Barack approaching the family, noting Riley and calling her "cute!"

In a very short time, they delivered the baby and he cradled her with pleasure in his arms! So cute!

& # 39; Come on baby. She is cute. How are you? How you doing "he continues to howl in the sweet footage.

Barack also joked saying, "Look, she's waving … I can't feed you, no baby, I can't."

At the end of the clip, the former president kisses the girl on the forehead before exalting her worship once again.

Next to the video, Aunt wrote: ‘President Obama approached gracefully and asked to hug my niece Riley. I was playing golf in Hawaii. My niece is the GOAT period. "

This is not even the first baby Obama met on a golf course as it happened a couple of days ago too!

At that time, he was at the Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai, Oahu, when he met Levi for five weeks and cradled him too.


The adorable newborn was shaking a reindeer monkey at that time and that made the moment even more beautiful!

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