YOU. And Tiny Harris flood their social media accounts with photos from Disney World


Both Tiny Harris and T.I. They continue to share many photos of Disney World on their social media accounts. Check out more beautiful photos below.

‘Disney during the holidays with babies … It is priceless,quot; Thank you @waltdisneyworld ", Tip subtitled one of the publications.

A follower said: "There is a different boy in the stroller, but Heiress said,quot; 👎🏾 I'm not moving. "Find his throne and stay still," and someone else posted this about Heiress: "You can tell this girl is the Head of the house. She has to be spoiled. She is such a beautiful blessing. "

A fan wrote: qua Squaaaaad! Rolling deep in Disney lol I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a happy new year! While ’while another commenter posted:‘ Where true family moments and magic happen … I love the entire Harris family. "

Another fan also got excited about the girl's heiress and said: De Whose cheeks are they looking cute? I love his cheeks. And that's how I can say that I'm getting older, boy. The need to squeeze the baby's soft cheeks. "

Another fan also praised the beauty of the girl: ‘The heiress is simply perfection. I can't with her pretty face, "and an Instagram installer got excited about the whole family, saying," Beautiful family, I hope you had a great time. Happy holidays @majorgirl ".

In other news, after he shared several photos with Heiress, fans noticed that the girl really knows how to pose, and is becoming more and more beautiful with each passing day.


That is why some of them said they should start modeling.

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