T.I.'s daughter, Deyjah Harris, again at IG: shows new months of hair and tattoos after her father's comments about the hymen!


It's been almost two months since T.I. He made those shocking comments about monitoring his teenage daughter's virginity and now, Deyjah Harris finally returned to social media! As you know, the 28-year-old girl apparently took a break from Instagram after hinting at the fact that she, like many others, was upset about what her rapper father shared with the world about her annual visits to the gynecologist.

Previously, TIP told the world that he would come with her to check her hymen every year, but also that she is still intact at the age of 18.

Obviously, that could be something quite inappropriate and Deyjah probably felt ashamed of T.I. He even made that personal data public without his consent.

Fans were convinced of that after they saw they liked the comments by calling T.I. outside!

Besides, I wasn't even following the rapper on Twitter or Instagram.

Later, T.I. He addressed his previous comments on Red Table Talk in the midst of the violent reaction, saying that 'I think all this surrounds a conversation I was having in a very joking way, when they asked me how I deal with child rearing in this day and age . And so, I started, you know, from a real place, I started to beautify and exaggerate. "

He continued adding: & # 39; And I think a lot of people took it as something literal, because if you put something of my reputation about who I am as a father, who I have been, I honestly thought that people knew me better than that Let me clarify this record I never said I was in an exam room, that's a guess, it's a falsehood. I never said it was being done today at age 18 … and I never said that his mother was not present … "

TIP stressed that Deyjah's mother was definitely with them every time too!

Then, the man admitted that he regretted having publicly discussed his daughter's virginity and that, in fact, he had asked her to never treat her again.

As for his new publication, the first in almost two months, Deyjah shared his new hair color but also his new body ink.


The tattoo is of a butterfly and next to it there is a very important reminder: ‘One day at a time

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