Rasheeda Frost flaunted a fly look for her last-minute Christmas shopping


Rasheeda Frost showed fans the look she chose for last-minute Christmas shopping and, as always, appreciated her outfit. Look at the photo he shared on his social media account.

‘I'm hydrating before doing my last-minute Christmas shopping 🛒 😂😂 I still haven't started Ras @essentiawater Ras 😜😜 Rasheeda captioned his post.

A follower is on the same page as her and posted this: & # 39; Me neither and I'm still in bed with a slight FML hangover, I have to spend & # 39 ;, while someone else said: & # 39; Merry Christmas Foxy n Happy holidays and blessings Follow. & # 39;

Another Instagrammer published: "Rasheeda, you look good,quot;, what is your secret, how did you lose all that weight? Speaking of weight loss, Rasheeda announced several times the products he has been using to lose weight excessively.

A follower posted this: "Haha, I thought I was the only one who didn't. #Lastminuteshopper,quot;, while another person said: "Merry Christmas to you, you and your family, me and the mines."

Someone else posted: "You are very blessed that you can do that. I am still trying to reach it and get it for my happy holidays."

A commenter asked Rasheeda to open more Pressed stores: ras @rasheeda, open a store in Las Vegas. I love your style, it would be great here! "

Apart from this, Rasheeda shared a video on his social media account where he is eating at the Frost Bistro and having a drink.


It seemed to fly as usual, and fans praised the restaurant in the comments.

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