Liam Payne congratulates Harry Styles after obtaining this enormous achievement!


It seems that there is still some love left between former members of One Direction and that is even after Harry Styles cast some shadow on the other boys during his appearance on SNL! Harry's first two albums debuted at number one and Liam Payne did not hesitate to congratulate his former bandmate.

He published a photo of the cover of the album Harry & # 39; s Fine Line and, along with it, wrote sweetly: 'Massive congratulations H, for becoming the first male artist in the UK to debut at number 1 with his first two albums! What an achievement, you must be on the moon. "

Indeed, the album released last week, not only debuted in first place, but Billboard also called it "the biggest week for a pop album by a male artist in more than four years."

As for the shadow Harry cast on Saturday Night Live during his monologue, it was nevertheless directed at Zayn Malik, so it makes sense that Payne is not angry about it.

Meanwhile, he also released a solo album, LP1 earlier this month, so it seems that former 1D bandmates have been busy doing their own things since they had a break.

Harry and Liam had a small meeting not so long ago and while he was at Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen earlier this week, he told the host everything.


‘We talked about several things, we hadn't seen each other in three years. I had literally not seen him once, we hadn't talked or anything. It was almost the same boy that I left. We talk about children and happiness and all kinds of things, "he shared during a game of Plead the Fifth.

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